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2020 is going to be groovy at Newera Cloud websites.

newera cloud

Newera2020 (#Newera2020) is the term for the culmination of the online network to be fully operational and ready for marketing and e-commerce.

Information on this page will be added/changed as time goes by.

Newera Linux is a complete computer operating system enabling cloud based and local apps and architecture to be used on your pc, laptop and other devices from the supplied 500 gig ssd drive via usb3.

Newera Linux is compatible with most linux software available but prefers: KDE, Ubuntu, Debian, preferably Open Source, freely available and supported online.

Newera Linux also allows you to host your own wordpress websites, manage domains and dns, etc. via your own server. (self hosting)

2020 style / 2020 technology.

Newera Desktop (info soon)

New Cloud PC (info soon)

Newera Hip Hop is home to the latest video singles and multimedia mixtapes.
Australian Hip Hop | Irish Hip Hop | Ragga Fusion | 2pac

WordPress Self Hosting requires a server and domain among other things.The ensuing jigsaw puzzle can be timely and costly as well as leaving you with more than a few uncertainties.Your success at managing your online presence is a bit of a gamble to say the least.

Newera Cloud has the pieces to the puzzle that is the ever changing at high speed internet of today.

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